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Best JUSTFOG MINIFIT Max Pod (Pack of 3) in UAE

30.00د.إ Exc. VAT
Justfog in the UAE has done amazingly well in the vaping industry, and it just does not get better than the Justfog MINIFIT Max Pod, which is a must-try. The 3 pods in this product not only change the game for people who choose to vape in the UAE but also guarantee the user a convenient and reliable vaping experience. In this write, we take the MINIFIT by the JUSTFOG MAX Pod and explain how you can buy it in the UAE.

Best JustFog Q16-Pro Starter Kit IN UAE

30.00د.إ Exc. VAT
The JustFog Q16-Pro Starter Kit is the best choice due to its appealing appearance, affordable price value, and relevant functionality. Tailored features of the mod and tank in this starter kit for both experienced vapers and entry-level vapers make it famous. Its small portable application, intuitive user interface, and awesome taste delivery make it ideal for usage among vapers in Dubai and far beyond.

Buy Justfog Minifit Pod 1.5 ML (Pack of 3)

30.00د.إ Exc. VAT
Justfog MiniFit Pods prevalently occupy the market due to their ease of use, magnificent transportability, and simply great vaping performance. Manufacturers with a capacity of 1.5 ml per pod and three packs have brought the ultimate hassle-free vaping experience to the United Arab Emirates. This piece of writing is about the Justfog Minifit Pods buying process at Vape UAE Express. You will be given a step-by-step guide.

Best Justfog Mini Fit Pods Kit 650mAh | Vape UAE Express

The JUSTFOG Mini Fit Pod Kit remains the ideal vaping solution for users desiring first-class performance and dimension. Combined with a 650 mAh battery capacity, this kit will give you an extended period of vaping while maintaining its compactness and easy-to-change compressor. Only at Vape UAE Express, 

JUSTFOG Mini Fit Pod Kit Ultra Portable Kit Features:

Long-Lasting Battery Life: Completed by a 650mAh strong battery, Mini Fit makes vaping over a long time possible, which is a bonus since it is not necessary anymore to restart the device frequently. Now bid farewell to all the interruptions, and get ready to bask in an uninterrupted vaping wonderland whenever you want.

Compact and Portable Design: The ultra-portable design of Microfit makes Microfit the best vaping tool for people who value convenience. The device can be easily carried around without any problems. This space-saving piece of equipment fits nicely into your pocket or bag, enabling you to relish in your preferred e-juice ice cubes while on the go.

Constant Voltage Output: Within all its constancy, the Mini Fit internal chipset provides the vaper with a constant voltage output, thus giving an amazing vaporizing experience with every inhale guaranteed to be smoother and laced with rich flavors. 

Magnetic Pod Cartridge: The Min iFit has the trump card of a convenient 1.5-ml magnetic mat cartridge, which is very handy during refilling. Take out the e-liquid pod cartridge and fill it up with a flavor you want. Shake it nicely and snap it again for a quick and easy vaping experience.

Atomizer Resistance of 1.6 Ohms: This Mini Fit comes with a 1.6 Ohm atomizer resistance, which gives an awesome vaping experience, optimum vapor production, and flavor retention, thus exciting your vaping passion.

Safety Features When Working with Lithium-Ion:

The safety of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is important in the first place. The batteries, which are present on passenger airplanes, have been known to catch fire. The Mini fit is integrated with advanced safety devices that can take qualified actions to address overcharge, short circuit, and overheating issues, thus minimizing the safety risk. Therefore, vapers may enjoy vaping without any risk caused by safety challenges.

Enjoy the peak product of vaping technological advancements with the JUSTFOG Mini Fit Pod Kit. When combined, with great performance, portability, and convenience, this kit is undoubtedly one of the best choices for any vaping enthusiast, both amateurs and professionals. Now, at Vape UAE Express, get your request and impress your vape life to another great level.


Charging: To use your portable power bank, make sure you have charged it completely with the supplied USB charger. Make sure the charger is plugged into a compatible power supply and fit the opposite end into the phone charging port. After you have finished charging, unplug the cable because it is no longer needed.

Filling the Pod: Tear off the cartridge from the binomial by gracefully taking it out. On the edge of the pod's bottom end, untwist the rubber plug and add your favorite e-liquid. After you complete filling the entire carpet, replace the rubber plug.

Inserting the Pod: Place the injection pod cartridge such that it fits well with the device, then push it till it clicks. However, the best bottom line is to know how to install it and make sure it is properly seated to avoid leaks.

Powering On/Off: To begin, simply press the power button five times within a quick period. Continue to follow through with the process by switching off the device.

Vaping: When you turn on the device and put the pod in the mouthpiece, then inhale from it the device automatically turns on and the user enters the vaping experience.